Barefoot Trail

To take off our shoes, to be barefoot, to feel the breeze between our toes, what could be simpler and yet… Most of the time compressed in our shoes, our feet have forgotten the contact of the natural elements.

We propose a 250 m barefoot trail that winds under the foliage of a preserved forest: you will feel the earth, the wood, the sand, the stone, the bark and other natural elements that you will remember!

To go barefoot is to feel the soil and enjoy a freedom that has disappeared from modern life… Walking barefoot is also a change of pace, choosing simplicity, entering into a symbiosis with nature and the opportunity to awaken all your senses!

  • Walk in peace and quiet to enjoy nature,
  • Walk slowly to better feel each material
  • This is not a health trail,…here we walk barefoot.
  • There is no mud or stream because the park does not have any

(Warning: a diabetic should not walk barefoot)