Suspended Sounds Trail

All along the path, you will discover and be an actor on a series of percussion instruments, made of stone, wood, bamboo, leather, clay and metal, which follow the evolution of percussion instruments in the history of humanity.

The cade curtain, the African cradle, the clay sub-pots, the bamboo cage, … You will be able to draw sounds and rhythms to your wish. This trail was created with the original creations of Yannick GRAZZI, percussionist in Flayosc (83)

son suspendu
sentiers son 1
sentier son 2
sentier son 3

The first men created musical instruments. In making their tools they realised that rubbing and striking materials of different nature and roughness repeatedly produced sounds, rhythms and polyrhythms.

Rhythm is everywhere in the universe, the planets and electrons spin in rhythm.

Long before we are born, our inner ear is the first sense that functions and sends the first information to our brain: we perceive a polyrhythm between the binary rhythm of our heart, that of our mother and her breathing.

The sense of rhythm is innate, the rhythm is familiar to us, it is reassuring and soothing, it creates the link, the contact.