The Nets Of Discovery

In addition to the tree climbing trails, we offer you the opportunity to walk at different heights, to discover the forest in a different way, without equipment, in complete freedom on Les filets de la Découverte!

The Filet’rama – Our latest addition!

The Spiderweb

A large net that winds for 50 metres between the trees and in which everyone can play, jump and run

The R’ama’s Nets

A walk open to all (accompanied children) over 100 metres of high nets, without equipment, to dominate a glade and its animals. ou can also discover an educational approach to life.

Take the net in the right direction to follow the history of life from the biosphere, through the biotope, the ecosystem and the different species of the living world. These panels are intended for adults and are coupled with panels for children on the same themes.

The Treetops ‘raft

To navigate on the canopy at more than 15 meters high: you will be on top of the cedars trees, above the oaks, to admire the forest as you have never seen it, with unique sensations.

Please note that for safety reasons, it is forbidden to children under 8 years old, and minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Le Farfadet

Near the reception and the picnic terraces, discover an adventure playground with workshops at ground level, without harness, for children from 2 to 7 years old to do like the grown-ups, under the responsibility of their parents.

Please do not leave children unsupervised on these different nets and trails, an adult must be present to help, intervene if necessary, prevent drifting and possibly warn the reception in case of a problem.