Butterfly garden

We have created a 7,000 m2 open-air garden, where we have planted more than 1,500 plants adapted to Provençal butterflies and their caterpillars.

The garden is open to the public every day the park is open, from 10 AM to 12 PM and afternoon from 1PM till 6PM. Two to three guided tours are then offered (depending on the season), in the morning at 10:30 AM and in the afternoon at 2 PM and 3:30 PM

Apart from guided tours, the garden is open and can be visited as a simple garden, with a number of educational signs and different terrariums.


Guided tour for groups (leisure centres, works councils, schools…) on reservation and on estimate, during 1 h 30, with a supplement of 4.50 euros/person.

We reserve the right to close the garden during activities.

The first counts allowed us to count no less than 50 different species of butterflies. The number of species continues to increase, as we now count over 90 different species. We hope, with the experience of the Butterfly Garden in Digne city, to be able to welcome and present to you nearly 130 species.

Butterfly garden

Our aim is to work on biodiversity by strengthening the populations of Provençal insects and butterflies and by helping to preserve rare and endangered species. Our garden is therefore completely open to spontaneous, wild and free butterflies, which are attracted by this open space where flowers and plants grow and which attract them for their nectar but also for the egg-laying and food of their caterpillars. Come and be amazed by these symbols of purity and fleeting beauty that are butterflies, by the fascinating world of insects, in total freedom.

You can discover the main Mediterranean butterflies, their subtle survival and reproduction strategies, the sumptuousness of their forms and colours, and their essential relationship with the plant world.

Visits are free, but in small numbers, with two to three guided tours per day, in order to preserve this delicate balance, with educational signs during a walk between the flowers beds, and terrariums in the shade of a plant arbour.

Duration: 1.5 hours on average

Insects and butterflies Exhibition

Insects are the most abundant life form on planet Earth. More than half of all living species are insect species. Insects are extraordinarily diverse in shape, colour and behaviour, with a multitude of species: about 950,000 species of insects are currently known (40% of which are beetles), but it is estimated that a total of 8 million to 100 million species may exist. We can see that our ignorance is great, but that the uncertainty about the number of species is also very great.
This exhibition, at the entrance to the butterfly garden, will allow you to put insects back into the world of living things, to see the different orders of this large animal group, especially the Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies), with the fragile beauty of the butterfly and the different species of butterflies in Provence.
In addition, depending on the season, terrariums placed in the gardener’s hut will allow you to observe some live insects.

(Photos by Michel Demares of the Society of Natural Sciences and Archaeology of Toulon, whom we particularly thank for his help as an enlightened entomologist)