Wildlife Park

On our 32 hectares, we have set up large parks which house several animal species, both wild and domestic.

We have given priority to their comfort by providing them with large areas where they can feel semi-liberty, and where they reproduce year after year.

You will be able to meet them on the paths and observe them in a natural and preserved setting.

Beware, the size of the parks means that you may not see them all, as some animals prefer to lie down out of sight and sound, especially at certain times of the day.

You can successively meet and see :

Wild boars, the largest and most characteristic mammals

of our forests Deers, acclimatised, full of grace and softness.

Poitou and Provence donkeys, which accompanied the shepherds and whose breed is protected.

Goats from the Rove, which supplied Marseille with « Brousse Cheese » and drove the flocks of sheep in transhumance.